Our commitments

Our commitment to sustainability is a goal we set every day to offer the most ethical and responsible products.

Through its business model, BVBA De Meisjes wants to help the sustainable developments of the society and the environments with which it interacts. This commitment to the environment is a part of our corporate social responsibility policy.

Some objectives and actions carried out within the frame work of their environmental commitment, directly linked to stores and customers.


Our commitment to environmental responsibility includes ethical and responsible standards in the use of animal-related products.

All the animal products sold at CLOSE-UP come exclusively from animal reared in livestock form and never from animal sacrificed for skin sale. Leather must come only from animals raised for their food, never solely for their hide.

We will never use products from animals slaughtered exclusively for their skin, shell, horn, bone, feather or down.

Animal products must come from animals that have been treated ethically and responsibly, based on the internationally accepted “Five Freedoms” for animal welfare.

We don’t sell fur. Instead, we sell synthetic materials intended to look like fur.


We work with community development initiatives through social integration programs aimed at vulnerable groups.
We are collaborating with Cunina.org.

Cunina sends underprivileged children in the South to school through personal child sponsorship. Cunina is a Belgian, international non-governmental development organization. They aim to improve access to and the quality of primary and secondary education in six partner countries (Brazilthe PhilippinesHaitiNepalUganda and South Africa), irrespective of political, religious and social beliefs.


90% of the CLOSE-UP bags in the shops are made of paper.